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Default Why do you still use a BlackBerry?

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I am asked this question a lot. What is your reason?

To my mind there is no credible alternative to a BlackBerry. Its not about the brand. Its a little about the screen, a little about the apps, a little about security, but mostly about the keyboard.

99% of my phone usage is:
Reading: BBC News, LinkedIn, Maps, Browser.
Writing: BB Connect, Docs To Go.

I need to write. Laptops without desks are inconvenient, and my thumbs are incompatible with touchscreens. One significant factor is that touchscreens are optimised for new soft skin*, and even the most advanced touchscreens still fail to accurately detect the worn rough skin of my fingers**.

I want to feel the keys with my thumbs. I want immediate feedback as I type (synthetic sounds do not keep up with typing speed). I want to look only at what has been typed. I want to type with two thumbs at the same time, which means I want the device remaining balanced in my hands by gravity alone.

The best keyboard (and by extension the best phone) I have had was a BlackBerry 8800, and I am currently using a BlackBerry Classic Q20.

There is a safety benefit of keeping the input (i.e. keyboard) mutually independent of the output (i.e. screen). My phone allows me see where I am walking, and type safely, at the same time - how many touchscreens do that?

I still use a BlackBerry. What alternative is there?

* observations published by Cambridge University shows that older generations cannot use touch screens effectively.
** my touch-typed text is garbage, and I need to avoid using an iPhone X because strange things happen such as accidental email deletions!

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