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Default Re: BBC News, LinkedIn, WhatsApp on BB10

I am using BBOS

If you cannot use the same BBOS, can you modify the settings to spoof a newer OS and force the install, perhaps by editing the GiD (Blackberry Google ID) before installing it?

Some successful app installs did not work (i.e. Chrome, FireFox). These apps did start, and they displayed their current start page content, but were then unable to connect to the websites of my choice much like a DNS failure. I should have tried an IP address to confirm that hypothesis. Either way these apps might require extra Google network settings not included with the current playstoreblackberry files.

Obviously if the app needs a specific library that your device does not have, then that app will not launch. The same applies to any other Android device. Expiring Android apps is not a BB specific problem, as reflected by feedback on Google forums:

Originally Posted by 2016 complaint from owner of a HTC One (a 2013 device)
All google apps are not working. Youtube, google play store, google ++ and all games that uses google games.The apps just crash without showing any error message.
I would start by trying the latest OS for any device because that should give you newer libraries. If that does not work you might try downloading the app to your PC and inspecting its dynamic linking to see which libraries it depends on. That kind of investigation might lead to a fix, or it might only confirm that your OS is too old.

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