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Default Re: BBC News, LinkedIn, WhatsApp on BB10

Originally Posted by NJBlackBerry View Post
You are living in the past. Enjoy your Q20. The rest of the world moved on long ago.
I am talking about Android development. Where exactly do you think the rest of the world has moved on to?

Android is a platform (correction: ecosystem) that is waiting to be hijacked by great development APIs. Google has played all of its cards and it has failed to secure a lock. Samsung, Microsoft, Blackberry etc. are all just as likely to steal that ecosystem... or it could be an entirely new company.

The current big Internet players (Google etc.) will transform entirely or disappear in the next software generation because their current business models are based on old principles that no longer have wide social support. We currently send our private data to a server that does a lot of number crunching and returns results to our devices. Tsac complains about this model all the time. The current big players (Google etc.) make money from that data. Users don't really like sharing their data, its expensive use of bandwidth, and it requires massive data centres that burn gigawatts of energy. Well that is a big problem for the current big players because there is already a viable alternative:

In the very near future, your data will remain on your device! Your data will remain private and you will use less bandwidth. Doesn't that sound good? In this new model your devices will download algorithms (from new market leaders) and execute those algorithms against your private data, sending back only the result for validation. Old-style companies that relied on your private data (i.e. Google, Facebook, etc.) will have a lot of inefficient infrastructure with no demand, and no income to support it. I am not saying they will go bust, but they will need to change inside out to survive.

The old companies most likely to capitalise on the inevitable change will be those that are strong in IoT and not overly dependent on data centres.

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