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Default Blackberry Classic stays connected to network but loses internet access

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A friend gave me his old Blackberry Classic Model#SQC100-4. I tried to use it for a few weeks and it was at at Software Release, os version, build 903214. before I did a hard reset(see below). I am only going to use this phone strictly as a wifi device or terminal, similar to my Samsung Galaxy 7 tablet. It has no SIM card and I will not use it as a phone. At home it works great and I can stream music and download files with no problem. However, it has problems when I take it to the gym to workout. The first time I used it, it connected okay and streamed music for about an hour. After that first time, it would connect okay but within a minute I would lose access to the internet. It shows that I am still connected to the network with a good signal and I have seen a message telling me that I am connected to the network but not to the internet. My Samsung tablet sitting beside the Blackberry works fine - no issues at all - the same for a friends iphone 5(with no sim card either) - so it does not seem to be a network issue. I have googled the web for an answer. Found things like looking at browser options but can't find anywhere that says switch to hotspot browser. I've looked at connection advanced details - can't find anything to change. Another site suggested that I look into Developper options but there is nothing there either. Many of these web pages dealt with other Blackberry phones - not my model. When I couldn't find any solution, I decided to try reseting(hard reset) the device because it did work for an hour the first time I used it so maybe something I installed or a software update caused the problem. I used the reload function in Blackberry Link and it wiped the phone and restored it to "factory" reset(which is how I received it from my friend). I went through the setup again and, without loading any apps at all, I tried using the phone again at the gym. I used the browser to find a half-hour youtube video and it played about 5 minutes before the internet died again. I was still connected to network, with ip-address and good signal strength. Bringing up the browser on a new page for eventually timed out with the message Host name not found. I now feel that I can eliminate any of the apps I installed before the reset and that the problem is something in the blackberry 10OS. After the reset I have Blackberry OS10.3.3.2137. Has anyone seen this or have any ideas as to what is causing this? Is there some diagnostic app that I can download to trace things. I tried the logs in the wifi settings but nothing stood out saying error or anything like that. I posted this on another site and got no response so I'm not sure whether this problem is something simple that I should know or whether its really complicated and no-one has any ideas. At this point I would welcome any suggestion or comment - even if its just to say that there is no way to tell what is going wrong.
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