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Default Memory problem w/Blackberry Pls Help!

I am a system administrator at an engineering firm in GA. Our company recently purchased blackberry units on short notice. I believe the unit I have is a 6700. I am not sure which of these will be of use to whoever answers this, but here is what I get from the <ALT>+<CAP>+H screen:
App Version: 3.7.136

Now the problem:
The unit displays the turning-over-hourglass every few seconds, and its appearance ranges from several seconds to 5-10minutes (on boot)
I have been getting Java errors, as well as JVM 203. I have foind that the File Free is 0, which is what I think is the problem. The problem I have beyond that is that deleting things do not allow for more free space- I have tried even using the backup/restore to delete things off the handheld, with no improvement. I have tried clearing the event log, as well as clearing out the email and contacts, and rebooting using the keypad. If anyone has any suggestions to point me in any positive direction I would really appreciate any advice you may have. Thank you!