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Originally Posted by the-economist View Post
My trusty Bold went blank. Two days ago i answered a call and put it back in the case, took it out some 30 minutes later to send a mail and the screen was all white.

Battery pull, wipe, reinstall 4.6, reinstall 5, backup restore, clean install, battery left out for 24 hours, new battery, incense burnt in a small Mike Lazaridis shrine i made up just for the occasion, ALL tried.

The phone hasn't been anywhere close to water and the moisture stickers are intact, I thought the screen wire might have gone loose. Carefully unscrewed the 6 T5 screws, removed the screen wire and put it back using a plastic tool. No go.

The funny thing is other than the screen the phone is fully operational. Dm sees it perfectly ( i even tethered it successfully), i can blind-call out and receive calls no problems. It turns the white screen off when holstered, wakes when removed from holster and dims when charged. All expected behaviour. Only problem is i can only see a bright white screen :(

My 1.26h google search revealed a lot of results about the Bold and the so called "white screen of death". Sadly i was unable to find a working solution.

Any insight from the BBF gurus?
try to replaced your LCD?
if still thesame its BOARD PROBLEM
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