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Default AOL email problems on my VZW curve

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Saturday night I noticed that I wasn't consistently revceiving emails to my AOL email on my BB. My other email address is/was working fine. I noticed I was getting emails on the AOL website but not to my BB. I resent service books and I only got the email to my other email address on my BB not my AOL email. I did a batt pull and still nothing. I upgraded my software to last night as well from .97. When the upgrade was complete, I still wasn't receiving emails to the AOL email. I resent the service books again and still nothing. I am able to send emails from my AOL email on my BB and I have received them, I have replied to those emails but haven't received the response on my BB.

When I awoke yesterday I found the congrats emails from resending service books. I also had a bunch of emails at my AOL email. I also had some that went to the website and never made it to my BB. I called VZW CS and was advised maintenance was being done the 13th, 14th and 15th, and it may or may not have affected AOL and Gmail. The CS rep had me delete all the service books on my BB except for provisioning, and then do a batt pull, and then he sent the service books. Nothing happened. He then had me put in my PW for the AOL email on the BIS site, and still nothing. He deleted my AOL email and then I readded it. I then received the service books for it, and I had an icon on my homepage again. I sent a test email and received it with the quickness, I then replied to that email and it took longer than it should have IMO but I received the reply to my other email.
something weird though. before the email was deleted my aol mailbox icon was a globe with a postit note with the @ on it. Now its a green envelope that says AOL under it. When I asked the CS rep about this, he tried to tell me that this could have been the problem to begin with. huh
on another note my dad was having issues with his yahoo email on his vzw curve yesterday am.

and now acting up again. Now when I receive an email I only get red * on my main mailbox and not the aol. But the email is infact in both mailboxes. Also when I try to reply to an email or forward an email, it doesn't go through on the 1st try. I get a red X not a check mark. I can then select resend and it goes through. My other email is working just fine. * to both the main mailbox as well as the individual one when an email arrives.
any ideas?

thanks in advance
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