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Default Re: BES 5 - Application Management - Force all Apps to Update?

As for the OS, I wasn't aware that our Network provider had any control over what OS we have on our handsets; the handsets aren't branded to them so thought it would be stock units.
It all depends on the home carrier of the SIM card you have in the Blackberry. So, if you have your SIM cards from, e.g., Verizon, then you can only apply the OS updates that Verizon allows. You cannot override this with a policy.
I thought it includes the standard applications that Blackberry includes out the box.
OS updates normally include updated stock apps as well (e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc.) but there could still be newer versions out there.

In BES 5, to my best knowledge, you can only push/force apps upgrades for apps that you have the source files on the server. It is not possible to force BB World apps.
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