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For what it's worth, Link long ago got flakey and pretty much useless on one WIN10 machine of mine, but still works on another. A peculiar coincidence is it is the new machine that is the issue. The other machine is an older model that was WIN7 originally and upgraded to WIN10 (and not a clean WIN10 install either). Both get WIN10 updates, but the old machine doesn't get the updates from the hardware manufacturer (which may be the difference).

Here's my view. If you get Link to work for you, more power to you, but you can't count on it, or my advice is don't count on it. I wouldn't count on it for a backup, for sure. If the time comes to restore, chances are it will fail you then. I would have another plan, either duplicate, or totally quit Link now.

There were and maybe still are some apps for backing up on BlackBerry World. I think the one I was using was a paid app, so that one would either be free now or else removed.
- Ira
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