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Originally Posted by ZombieBerry View Post
First BB with mobile payment was the 9900 (In fact, first ever credit card payment by phone in Canada was with a 9900), I also used one as my virtual access card (NFC). I am going to assume you mean Google Wallet or some other mobile wallet/payment system is available because of the Android ecosystem?

The problem of power consumption is slowly getting better for both IPS LCD (Newer tech that improves on the old TFT IPS standard), and Super AMOLED (May or may not contain a + or an Edge or a HD), which is certainly an upgrade from the original AMOs. I've seen plenty of Amos burn over the years but with the newer gens like Super HD AMOLEDs haven't seen it unless it was a store demo unit (display always on and full brightness). The Z30 runs an AMO display and mine is still good to at just under 2 years. So YMMV.

Hi ZombieBerry

Well I am talking about a facility to be able to take payments. Some businesses rely on having to take payments from customers .
Here in UK is no such system available for BB. And none of the providers currently plans to support BBOS. Rather initial attempts have been cancelled and initial interest has changed to rigorous blocking user/dev attempts to still get existing apps working. Like preventing the download of the app on Amazon for BBs. It feels sometimes as if you have a contagious illness carrying a Blackberry. Anything that really could make work life easier is not available for Blackberry. Hence my initial interest in the Priv.

I am not saying that there are no AMOLED displays that do endure the average 2 years of phones somehow. But it is and will be for foreseeable time be a problem that the organic materials do "die" more or less rapidly. As of yet I have not read of a breakthrough rather baby steps in development.

As for the alarm clock it was the simplicity. All you had to do is site the phone in the cradle. Job done. No wiping and swiping with blurred eyes in the morning spending ages to unlock the thing. A big clear display and all you have to do is look at it. Hey and it still looks the part too.

Meanwhile I have given up the hope that someone at Blackberry looks at user friendliness in the next time. I believe they are rather battling to get it to work.

Making or adapting an OS is not a simple task for one or two employees on a bad weather morning. BBOS up to 7 were rather evolutions. Then there was Playbook OS, BBOS 10, Android and what not. And all that in the frame of a few years.
Very confusing for developers, users, suppliers, accessory manufacturers.

I believe if Blackberry gets a bit of stability and a clear line then the user can become the focus again and user friendliness and ergonomics will starkly improve. Those little things that make your life easy, that give you a good feeling rather the impression you are an employee of your phone.
Well maybe I do not believe but hope.

But it is nice to hear that you have noticed the improvement on the AMOLED technology. How about usability in cold conditions?
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