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Default NeedVideo! OS4.2.x on the BB 8700? When?

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What is the story with upgrading the OS to 4.2 on the BB 8700?

The day after I bought my BB 8700 they released the 8100 that has a camera and will play mp3s and do web based video. I'm not too happy.

And now Apple has released a phone that will do it all (and as usual, probably best)

I know there is no hardware to support the camera (oh well) and I don't want to use my BB for music but I do want to be able to access video (mpegs, qt or wmv files) without a big hassle. I want to be able to demonstrate video to clients through my bb.

it seems that if the BB 8700 was upgrded to a vraiant of OS4.2 tht it should be able to have the same multimeda capability.

I know about BBTV and tried to install it but there needs to be more universal video access on the BB. should be able to see CNN or CBS news etc. from website without an added subscription.

BB ought to be able to do a limited resolution/fps delivery of mpeg video.. Servers could offer video at the reduced data rate. Codecs should have a real easy PnP drag and drop convertor to have BB ready video available from sites. (probably already do).

It seems tht if the 8100 can do the multimedia video play the 8700 should be able to too.

Let's put some presure on RIM to get the the OS upgraded to deliver on the 8700 ASAP.