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Originally Posted by talkNbb
The day after I bought my BB 8700 they released the 8100 that has a camera and will play mp3s and do web based video. I'm not too happy.
Um... that's how it is. New products are constantly being released. You'll always find something newer with more features. Surely you researched into what you were buying? I don't understand the issue...

Originally Posted by talkNbb
And now Apple has released a phone that will do it all (and as usual, probably best)
You definitely haven't done your research. The iPhone does not have push email. You can't load third party apps. It will hardly "do it all".

Originally Posted by talkNbb
it seems that if the BB 8700 was upgrded to a vraiant of OS4.2 tht it should be able to have the same multimeda capability.
Do you develop software or hardware? It's never that simple. You do realize how little memory the 8700 series devices have onboard, right?

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