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Default 8300 and GPS Puck

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I know I know, it hasn't even been released yet, but I was really hoping my next BB upgrade would be one with a camera and a GPS receiver. Now it looks like that isn't going to happen and I am wondering if I should get the 8800 with the built in GPS or go with the 8300 for the camera and have the GPS puck. Any of you with demo units tried a GPS puck with it? I have lived thus far without both as I have an 8700, but I am not sure which I would want/use more, I find myself having equal number of times saying "dang, I wish I had a camera or GPS right now"

Sorry for the rant, any help would be a big help, Stinson any insights, I know you love your 8800.

Darn RIM and making me have to choose!!!!

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