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Default Desktop Redirector Questions

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Hey, I'm thinking about getting a Pearl from T-Mobile, but I have a few questions about the Desktop Redirector application.

If it matters, I have sort of an unusual setup as far as email goes. All of the email going to my Cox account is downloaded and stored on a local IMAP server. I also have an Exchange server that I used for calendar, contacts, and tasks. Right now, I can get to my IMAP server remotely, but I'll be going to college in the fall and that probably will not be possible if I take my server with me.
  1. What types of accounts will the redirector work for? IMAP, Exchange, etc? I know it doesn't do calendars and stuff, but that's fine.
  2. Could I set it up to redirect two email accounts (both my IMAP and Exchange accounts)?
  3. Does it work with Outlook 2007?
  4. I would still be able to synchronize calendars, tasks, memos, etc, by plugging the Pearl into my computer, correct?
  5. What about messages I send from my BB, will they be available in Outlook?
  6. Like I said, I'm looking at T-Mobile. Would I be able to use the redirector with the normal BB Internet Service plan($19/mo as an addon, or $29 by itself)? Or would I have to use the more expensive BB Enterprise plan($29/mo as an addon, or $39 by itself)?

And just in general, does it sound like the redirector would work well in my situation? Are there any other suggestions you have about the redirector, T-Mobile, or the Pearl?

Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it.