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Originally Posted by jasonyng View Post
Correct hdawg, try turning your device off for 30 minutes during the day when you are busy getting emails and when you turn it on you will see how frustrating this can be. Or if you take vacation for a couple of days and you have 50 messages all giving the same date, you donxxx8217;t know if they came today or yesterday.

Not something that should be done away with but I think there should be a choice. I cant really think of a time when doing it the way its done now would be beneficial, anyone else?
I'm also not sure why RIM has decided to display emails this way. I, too, use an Exchange server, and it's very frustrating when you suddenly have a dozen or so emails with the same time-stamp.

I have just come from using a smart phone that was connected to our Exchange server using GOOD's client. This product will show the time-stamp of when the mail reached the server not the HH.

I can understand why you'd want the HH time stamp, but that would be more of CYA so that you can show, "Hey it may have come into the server at x : xx but I didn't get it until y:yy". Mostly though I want to know when it hit the SERVER and not when it hit the HH. It's too a point now where I'm considering turning this phone back, and going with the "other product."

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