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Default Re: Not receiving text messages from web sites

Originally Posted by aiharkness View Post
Ultimately, the OS was tested and released to user by the carrier*. Yes, BlackBerry released the OS packages to the carriers, but the end users receive the OS software from the carrier (unless the user purposely obtains and installs another carrier's OS software).

* With BB10, user's who purchased unlocked, unbranded devices direct from BlackBerry did receive OS updates direct from BlackBerry, independent of the carrier. If the user reloaded the OS, it came from BlackBerry if the device was unbranded. In the case of legacy devices, there probably were exceptions, but consumers who purchased branded devices received OS software and upgrades from the carrier not direct from BlackBerry. When you connect a legacy device to the desktop software, the software reads the device and delivers upgrades or OS reloads based on the carrier branding, and the options presented to you will be what the carrier released.

As far as T-Mobile sending you a text, you didn't mention that earlier. But still, don't overestimate the competence of customer service. I would ask the question this way. Assume for the moment the problem is not on your end. What else could it be on the carrier's end? Then have the carrier's customer service rep rule each one out. If the problem isn't on your end, what would be the possible reasons you didn't receive the carrier's text? Ask them to try again, and double check make sure they are sending to your correct number. The larger point is politely push the customer service rep to think of possible alternatives besides offloading the problem back on you.

If the customer service rep says there is absolutely no reason on their end for you not receiving their text, then I guess you have to conclude the problem is on your side. It would certainly be better if you could test with another device and your SIM before you do something like reloading the OS.
Not T-Mobile. AT&T. They said they would escalate the issue and get back to me withion 5 days. All I can do is give them some time and then bother them again if I do not hear from them. I have just spent too much time on the phone with them already.
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