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Default Re: Not receiving text messages from web sites

Another thought, going back to tsac's idea. Here's a test. Pick a contact that you are receiving. Delete them from your address book. Do a hard reset (remove the battery for a moment with the power on). Have your friend send you a text. See if you receive or not. Let's assume you don't receive it. Add the friend back to your address book. Do a hard reset. Have friend send a text again.

If you do the test and you don't receive the text when you don't have the friend in your address book, then tsac is on the money as far as what is happening. The questions will then be why, and how to correct it.

As far as AT&T, I don't think you mentioned before that they are going to look at it. Did they create a ticket, and perhaps give you a ticket number? I agree, though, give them the 5 days.
- Ira
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