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Post Multiple Issues... erratic movements, freezes, resets

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I am new here so my apologies if I post this on the wrong forums... as the title says I have multiple issues with my Bold 9900.

First and foremost, this device was given to me after a few months after activation, the owner decided to opt for the new Z10 and I was handed the phone, I doubt if it has a year but it could be, I know it has less than 2... how do I know if its still under warranty?

Things to know about the phone...
Compression is Enabled
Media card support is also Enabled
Free Space: 187.6 MB
Built-in Media Storage: 6.0GB Total & Free (both the same)
Media Card Storage: Total 29.7GB & Free 21.9GB
OS... (B2435)
Cellular Radio Ver: SV56

Now, onto the issues at hand...

Erratic behavior while moving, more noticeable when playing Brick Breaker, the ball will slow down almost to a crawl, then it will move normally for fractions of a second... like you are playing a game on 10 to 16 frames per second, then jump to 20, then to 30 and it comes back to 5, etc, etc.

If I update or download a new app and has to Restart the OS, I sometimes loose my HighScore but, most importantly, ALL of the Time, brick breaker will reset to starting a new game, even if I was already at level 50 (example)... this is annoying as hell, more so because I have become addicted to this little game.

If I am texting, the typing will sometimes freeze momentarily, other times I will type faster than the words appear on the screen... other times it will lock and I either have to press the end (red) button momentarily or even hard reset the phone by removing the battery.

I have used the memory cleaner and this seem to help but only momentarily. I have also gone to the BB desktop manager and delete some of the apps I don't need or want but to no avail.

I am hoping that I can resolve this issue but barring the need to open up the phone and fiddle with it, I rather seek help by warranting it as a last resort... unless of course, warranty is gone I may attempt to repair it myself with your guidance of course.

I have a friend with the same phone and he does not have this issues. Sorry for the long winded post.

I thank you for help.
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