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Originally Posted by conker View Post
Orange UK Halts BlackBerry Bold Sales for Quality Issues

Is it really that bad? I am hoping people in this group can be objective to a fellow BB fan who has been waiting patiently for the Bold to be released by AT&T....

With all the delays and the above press release, I am beginning to wonder? Is this device going to crash on my 2 or 3 times a day? Am I going to be dropping calls left and right? What other annoying issues are there that this group may not be sharing, but actually exist to the point where a major carrier would halt sales? Seriously, for Orange to do that means something is seriously wrong. It's no wonder AT&T has not released it! There must be series issues they are trying to iron out before release. Series issues that people in this group must be experiencing?

I want my Bold! Or do I?
There have been a lot of OS upgrades these weeks, each one better then the one before. I started on .125, and now on .162. The hardware is not going to change IMO, but you will see continuous upgrades on the sw side. If you are going to have issues it will be due to sw and incompatible third party apps.
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