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I am thinking that the root of the problem with most devices in existence is a bad OS. It appears, from my experience and the experience of others, that upgrading to the latest OS drastically improves the device. It might not be a perfect fix, but so far I have had no issues. EDGE works, 3G works, WiFi works. No crashes, reboots, freezes, etc.

I agree with Troy that when AT&T releases the Bold (if you don't want to get a Rogers Bold now), the device will work just fine.

There will always be problems, I suppose, be it with service outage causing the device to flake, or with third-party software with sloppy code. But I think the device itself seems to be just fine. I can somewhat understand why Orange decided to pull the device, but at the same time, I don't understand why they don't just release an approved OS upgrade and suggest that their customers upgrade the device (or upgrade it in-store if need be). Orange's reaction seems to be a bit knee-jerk.

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