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test54 hit it right on the money. I too have been in IT for 20+ years. I am totally comfortable re-loading firmware. I've done beta testing for dozens of companies. I've loaded several beta versions of BlackBerry OS on 4 different platforms. The performance of the current released versions are miles from the Rogers initial release. But still... there are a few issues that need to be ironed out.

The question is... is it ready for the 10s of thousands of users who would be totally lost upgrading an OS? Not hardly. I am 100% behind AT&T not releasing the Bold. I can understand Orange pulling it. It's not ready for the masses. But for those of us who can update without major trauma, it's really pretty good. I would wager that less than 1% of the total BlackBerry community knows this forum is here. Those of us that do, tend to be the ones that like being on the edge and don't mind tweaking a few things here and there. The majority of the consumer market would not. Corporate IT folks with mass deployment would not.

If anything... we tend to be the final beta in this group. Is it right? Nope. This needed a LOT more work before release. But I'm not complaining that I need to keep tweaking to get the performance I expect. But the general public would not.

Let's get it right RIM. Most of us here support you. We'll give you the feed back on what needs work.
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