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Wirelessly posted

Originally Posted by TTune
The only problem I've had with my own Bold was in countries where I've taken it and THEIR 3G service was terrible. (New Zealand, for example, some places in Australia). At that time, the phone was really annoyed with me.

Perhaps Orange is saying "Our 3G service is spotty, just like AT&T, so we'll hold things off a bit until RIM can come up with something to mask all these problems".

Like many in here, I'm extremely comfortable with firmware/OS uploads and re-flashes and I'm also very comfortable on the bleeding edge - but I acknowledge that many arent. I don't know how many real CrackBerries there are out there vs new users who haven't had their first "fix". It would be good to give the newest users a clean happy experience no matter whose fault the problem lies with (Carrier or otherwise).

I don't mind at all being the first to find a bug, get it reported and killed, and on to the next one.
All carriers have patchy 3g coverage. I was on t mobile and could not a 3g signal in the Lake District but can with Orange. However, cankt get Orange 3g in my living room. The issue does seem to be 2 3 g switching which is improved on .162 but not perfect. The question for Orange is what are they going to about us early adopters?
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