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Oh i've been to the thread alright. I think i've been to every thread by now. I've tried SD cards, no sdcards, sims, no sims, old batteries, new batteries, official and leaked OS's, leaving the batt out for 2 days.

What i havent done and is still suggested in the thread is an insurance claim with ATT and paying them the 125 bucks. Somehow i don't believe it would work since i'm not with them. I might try though.

Jokes aside there are literally tons of posts online of people getting the white screen out of thin air. It doesn't seem to be related to a specific os build either which points with big fat neon lights towards a hardware failure. Some connection/component seems not to sit properly since there are reports of people that managed to improve on the condition by fidgeting with their board and/or applying varying magnitudes of pressure on the whole chassis.

Personally i like berries so i'm not gonna ***** much, but i find the fact that there are references for the SAME failure across ALL RIM product lines unacceptable.

Hopefully when some 20-50-100k orgs get tired enough of the shiny flashlights and start pulling the Blackberry contracts RIM would take notice and improve on the quality control.

As for me, yeah you guessed it, i ordered a new bold retail and updated the insurance details that had lapsed. Order in my universe restored.
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