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Originally Posted by rimzim
Hello there,

Im writing an application under which I want to use the Password-based encryption with a message digest as MD5.
The equivalent J2SE API for the same is as under:
SecretKeyFactory.getInstance( "PBEWithMD5AndDES");

Can anybody please give me any such API exists on BlackBerry.

I have searched a lot for the same in Package net.rim.device.api.crypto, but failed to find the suitable one.

Please help me in this regard. Or at least suggest me any such API which can generate kety based on the given imput string, may be a password.

Thanx in advance, ealier help would be appreciatable.

Look at the JavaDocs under AESEncryptorEngine. There are some good examples as to what you want to do. There is even a Crypto file with examples.