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Default First post thought I'd make it helpful

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On June 2nd, T-mobile will be releasing Black Internet Email V2.3 with updates including...

What is New in BlackBerry Internet E-mail (BIE) 2.3?
On May 12, 2007, RIM will perform an update to the BIE service, which will give customers some new functionality. BlackBerry Internet Email 2.3 introduces both significant functional and reliability improvements since the introduction of BlackBerry Internet Email 2.0 in April 2005
This update will give customers the following added functionality:
Improved Language Support

Arabic (excludes Administration Console)
Hebrew (excludes Administration Console)
Chinese (Traditional)
Portuguese (EU)

Improved Support for Enhanced Yahoo! Mail
Enhanced Yahoo!Mail will benefit from the following new features:

Synchronization of Deletes xxx8211; Full two-way synchronization of deletes to/from the Yahoo!Mail Inbox.

From the Yahoo!Mail Inbox: Messages that are deleted from the Yahoo!Mail inbox will be deleted from the BlackBerry device. This reconciliation will occur within seconds.

From the device to Yahoo!Mail: Yahoo!Mail messages deleted from the BlackBerry device will be deleted off of the Yahoo!Mail inbox and will be appended to the xxx8220;Trashxxx8221; folder. Note: this feature existed in BlackBerry Internet Service Email v2.0.

Full two-way, xxx8220;real-timexxx8221;, synchronization of message status (read/ unread) changes to/from the Yahoo!Mail Inbox.

Branded Yahoo!Mail Icons on Ribbon xxx8211; Subscribers that integrated Yahoo!-hosted email accounts will receive a branded Yahoo!Mail icon on their device home screen.

This feature requires BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.2.1

Subscribers must xxx8220;send service booksxxx8221; for branded Yahoo!Mail Icons to appear.
User Account-Dedicated Service Books

Service books pushed to devices on account integration will contain a key unique to the userxxx8217;s BlackBerry Internet Email account. This feature resolves the exchange scenario: when old BlackBerry Internet Service Email accounts are not deleted and continue to have mail delivered to an exchanged device (ie the new owner of the device receives the previous ownerxxx8217;s mail).

Service book keys will utilize 3DES (tripleDES encryption)

Requires BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.2 and above.
Usability and User Interface Improvements
There have been numerous user interface changes to BlackBerry Internet Service Email v2.3 based on customer, partner, and usability research feedback. These changes include (but are not limited to):

BlackBerry Internet Service Email Account Set Up Wizard xxx8211; The BlackBerry Internet Service Email Account Set Up Wizard has been designed to:

Incrementally improve the usability of the BlackBerry Internet Service Email WAP-based user interface

Integrate seamlessly with the BlackBerry Handheld Set Up Wizard

Provide all the feature configuration capabilities of the WAP-based user interface

Requires BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.2.2 and above.

Improved xxx8220;Advanced Provisioning Flowxxx8221; xxx8211; Users that fail to integrate their account will experience:

Confirmation of password xxx8211; Users will be given the opportunity to re-enter their email address and password and try the simple integration step over rather than taking them straight into advanced integration on failure.

Work/ Personal Split xxx8211; Users will be asked whether theyxxx8217;re using their account for work or personal. If theyxxx8217;re using their email account for personal, they will see a subset of the current xxx8220;advanced integrationxxx8221; options; reducing the number of options will reduce ambiguity and increase usability.

Change Language from the Login Screen xxx8211; Users will be able to change the language from the login screen; allowing them to enter the account creation steps in their native language.

Re-Order Login Screen xxx8211; From the handheld, xxx8220;Create Accountxxx8221; will be the first option on-screen. This will reduce confusion when xxx8220;Create Accountxxx8221; is off-screen (ie, in BlackBerry Internet Service Email v2.1, the user must scroll to see the xxx8220;Create New Accountxxx8221; link.

User Name/Email Suggestions xxx8211; If a subscriber selects a BlackBerry Internet Service Email user name or BlackBerry Internet Service Email hosted email address that is already taken by another subscriber, the subscriber will be presented with 3 xxx8220;suggestionsxxx8221;, as well as the ability to select a different value.

Improved coverage for context sensitive help

On screen help improvements for:

Why create a BIS account? (log in page)

Improved BlackBerry Mail Connector explanation.

What is a Mail Connector ID

Improved Import Control text

Username and password restrictions on-screen

Robust Terms and Conditions xxx8211; Subscribers will be required to xxx8220;check a boxxxx8221; to confirm they have read the Legal Terms and Conditions
Upgrade Attachment Server (Attachment Service v4.1.3)

Support for RTF (Rich Text Format) file format xxx8211; The current RTF Distiller supports text, image, table, bookmark and hyperlink.

Support for PDF rendering on server xxx8211; The new PDF Distiller will render the PDF file into images so the client can view PDF files as rendered images and extracted text like PowerPoint files.
Enhanced BlackBerry Connect Support

Native Attachment Support xxx8211; Many BlackBerry Connect partners have on-device editors that can be used to edit files in their native format (ie Word, Excel, Powerpoint). BlackBerry Internet Service Email v2.3 will support the ability to exchange attachments in their native formats.

BlackBerry Connect devices support native attachment upload and download of files of up to 8MB in size

The email body is received by the end user, who has the option to request to view the attachment (default) or request an attachment download.

Support for xHTML device-based templates: Inconsistent support for WAP by some BlackBerry Connect devices has resulted in interoperability and compatibility issues for account set up via the handheld. BlackBerry Internet Service Email v2.3 introduces the ability for all BlackBerry Connect devices to set up their BlackBerry Internet Email account and email address using the handheld via an HTML-based interface. Note: xHTML templates will utilize identical navigation and look and feel to the WAP-based templates.

Full BlackBerry Connect Support on BlackBerry Internet Service Email v2.3: Pre-BlackBerry Connect v2.1 devices will now be supported for BlackBerry Internet Service Email v2.3.

Relaxation of the Username=BlackBerry Email Address Restriction (applies to AP and EU only): Since all new users will be created on BlackBerry Internet Service Email v2.3, the requirement for the username to equal the first part of the BlackBerry email address is relaxed. Subscribers will now be able to create BlackBerry email addresses not directly derived from their username (ie their username (used to log in to the BlackBerry Internet Service Email site) could be jsmith, but their BlackBerry email address could be [email address].
New users: All new subscribers, regardless of BlackBerry Connect version, will be created on the BlackBerry Internet Email v2.3 platform.
Existing users: Existing users on the BlackBerry Internet Email v1.8 platform will not be supported on the BlackBerry Internet Service Email v2.3 via migration (i.e. migration for BlackBerry Connect users on BlackBerry Internet Service Email v1.8 will not be available).
Service Book Count Optimizations: BlackBerry Internet Service Email v2.3 will be configured to maximize the count of service books for BlackBerry Connect devices (based on application version and device type).
Subscribers may designate another email address to which inbound emails (messages being delivered TO the user) are automatically forwarded. Note: loop protection has been implemented.
Feature available to the BlackBerry email address only.
Users have the ability to enable and configure Auto Forward to forward all messages or only messages with attachments
For example, if a user has created [email address] and they would like copies of messages delivered to another email address, the user may enter [email address] as their Auto Forward address When the subscribers receives an email at [email address] address, a copy of the message will be automatically forwarded to [email address].
With the disappearance of the inbox web mail functionality with BlackBerry Internet Service Emailv2.0, this feature enables a user to store a copy of emails/attachments sent to their BlackBerry handheld email address in a 3rd party web mail account for easy online access from a desktop browser.
Wireless Meeting Request (Support for iCal Attachments)
Users have the ability to originate, receive, accept and decline wireless meeting requests (iCAL-formatted) on their BlackBerry device.
Some specific scenarios:
In-bound Requests (receive): Microsoft Outlook/ Exchange originating invitations will be delivered to the BlackBerry device as an iCAL attachment. BlackBerry Internet Service Email subscribers may xxx8220;acceptxxx8221; the meeting request and this will be populated in their local device calendar.
Out-bound Requests (originate): Subscribers may originate (send) a meeting invitation to contacts in their BlackBerry address book.
Invitations will be sent via the default service book on the device.
Recipient acceptance will be returned to the originator
Requires BlackBerry devices with 4.2 software or greater.
Not supported on BlackBerry Connect devices.
Address Book (vCard) Attachments
Users have the ability to attach and view vCards (file format standard for personal data interchange). A user can choose to attach an address from their BlackBerry Address Book to any email that they compose. A user can also view vCards attached to received emails and have the option to add the contact to their BlackBerry Address Book.
This feature is available for BlackBerry handhelds or BlackBerry Connect handhelds.
No device software requirements.
Delivery Receipts
Subscribers will have the ability to know when a message is successfully delivered to another BlackBerry Internet Email userxxx8217;s handheld. BlackBerry Internet Email will send a delivery receipt to the original sender as a notification that a message has been successfully delivered to all recipients or to some subset of recipients.
Known Issues
xxx8226; The Yahoo! Email Icon on the device will not show a red asterisk when a new email is received. However, a red asterisk will show in the main Message inbox alerting users they have a new email.

Hopefully this will help some people! Sorry if its long.

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Thanks for the updates
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