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Thumbs up BB and a NATIVE linux desktop manager

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I dont know about other native linux users here, but when i first got my BB iwas excited, but questioning the compatability with my debian installation. I followed the faq above as to how to sync with linux.... but its not really a faq on syncing with linux as it is a method of syncing with an online storage media (IE

So after looking around these forums i got no results, but then i spoke to a friend. Ahh yes, a single friend, my last bastion of hope. Hes just like "well i just use 'Barry'. Hmmmm Barry you say. this intrigues me.

So i thought id give it a try. i followed the instructions given from a site ( I do not have a high enough post count to post the url here, but if you PM me i can certainly hand it over) and still came up with some errors, after some further googling i received my answers. Considering i havent seen much about this tool on these forums i figured id give some individuals looking to have a native linux desktop manager for BB a little nugget.

So first we need to get and install the packages and dependencies. I use backtrack for penetration testing which is a ubuntu intrepid distro. First your going to want to get the "gtkmm-2.4-dev" package and the "libglademm-2.4-dev" packages before we begin, with whatever package manager you choose. i prefer apt-get cuz im cozy with my command line, but synaptic should work fine as well. Also the instructions i received uses 'git' for grabbing the actual Barry package. so youll also want the "git" and "git-core" packages before we begin.

So now we got the dependencies necessary for the install to run without errors. Time for the fun....

[root@Dahlia /root]$ cd /usr/local/src/
[root@Dahlia src]$ mkdir blackberry
[root@Dahlia src]$ cd blackberry
[root@Dahlia blackberry]$ git clone git:// barry
[root@Dahlia blackberry]$ cd barry
[root@Dahlia barry]$ ./
[root@Dahlia barry]$ ./configure --enable-gui
[root@Dahlia barry]$ make
[root@Dahlia barry]$ make install
Now if everything went to plan and your dependencies are in check theres on last thing we need before we actually start using this wonder of a tool. libbarry0 is a necessary package we need installed to actually run the utilities that were just installed. if you run a google search on "libbarry0 ubuntu" the first link shown is a ubuntu driven site where you can download the libbarry0 library for whichever version of ubu you have. all downloads from there are .deb files.

to get the right libbarry0 package for your version (IE Jaunty, Karmic, etc etc) backtrack 4 pre-final is a intrepid distro, but i used the jaunty package, and it worked fine for me. Download it into the /usr/local/src/blackberry folder we made and then run

dpkg -i libbarry0_0.14-2ubuntu2_i386.deb
or whatever the package name is of one you downloaded obviously. if you do not instal the libbarry0 package, everytime you run one of the apps from the Barry suite you will get an error much like

root@Beelzebub:/usr/local/src/blackberry/barry# bidentify
bidentify: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
so if you receive errors pertaining to, you know that its an issue with the libbarry0 package.

Im still becoming familiar with this suite, most of it is command line. Even tho the "./configure --enable-gui" option was rendered when the configure command was issued, i havent yet seen a gui interface as of yet. supposedly the 'barrybackup' tool allows you to backup and restore your blackberry, however i havent gotten this to work yet.

here are some examples of different tools and the usages, all these are taken from my BlackBerry 7290 device. it works with the newer devices like storms and whatnot well so im told, so dont think its only for legacy BB's.

root@Beelzebub:/home/jesus/BlackBerry# btool -t
Blackberry devices found:
Device ID: 0x95ed9c0. PIN: 23d25798, Description: RIM 7200 Series Colour GPRS Handheld
Using device (PIN): 23d25798
Database database:
    Database: 0x0 'Content Store' (records: 17)
    Database: 0x1 'AutoText' (records: 108)
    Database: 0x2 'KeyStoreManager' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x3 'Service Book' (records: 0)
    Database: 0x4 'Handheld Configuration' (records: 0)
    Database: 0x5 'Handheld Agent' (records: 186)
    Database: 0x6 'Default Service Selector' (records: 2)
    Database: 0x7 'Firewall Options' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x8 'Policy' (records: 0)
    Database: 0x9 'Device Options' (records: 0)
    Database: 0xa 'Options' (records: 9)
    Database: 0xb 'Trusted Key Store' (records: 31)
    Database: 0xc 'RMS Databases' (records: 2)
    Database: 0xd 'Handheld Key Store' (records: 31)
    Database: 0xe 'Key Store Options' (records: 1)
    Database: 0xf 'TLS Options' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x10 'Certificate Options' (records: 0)
    Database: 0x11 'Random Pool' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x12 'WTLS Options' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x13 'MemoPad Options' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x14 'Memos' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x15 'Calendar Options' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x16 'Alarm Options' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x17 'Bluetooth Options' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x18 'Profiles Options' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x19 'Browser Bookmarks' (records: 0)
    Database: 0x1a 'Browser Messages' (records: 0)
    Database: 0x1b 'Browser Data Cache' (records: 0)
    Database: 0x1c 'Browser Channels' (records: 0)
    Database: 0x1d 'Browser Folders' (records: 2)
    Database: 0x1e 'Browser Options' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x1f 'WAP Push Messages' (records: 0)
    Database: 0x20 'Browser Urls' (records: 0)
    Database: 0x21 'Profiles' (records: 5)
    Database: 0x22 'Message List Options' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x23 'Categories' (records: 2)
    Database: 0x24 'Address Book Options' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x25 'Address Book' (records: 0)
    Database: 0x26 'Messages' (records: 0)
    Database: 0x27 'Phone Options' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x28 'Ribbon Bar Positions' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x29 'SMS Messages' (records: 0)
    Database: 0x2a 'Folder Id' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x2b 'Folders' (records: 0)
    Database: 0x2c 'Purged Messages' (records: 0)
    Database: 0x2d 'Recipient Cache' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x2e 'Searches' (records: 5)
    Database: 0x2f 'Tasks Options' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x30 'Tasks' (records: 0)
    Database: 0x31 'Calendar' (records: 3)
    Database: 0x32 'Phone Call Logs' (records: 0)
    Database: 0x33 'Phone Hotlist' (records: 0)
    Database: 0x34 'Attachment Options' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x35 'Attachment Data' (records: 0)
    Database: 0x36 'Browser Push Options' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x37 'Help Options' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x38 'Time Zone Patch' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x39 'PasswordKeeper' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x3a 'PasswordKeeper Options' (records: 1)
    Database: 0x3b 'Quick Contacts' (records: 1)
bjavaloader is the tool we use for installing new apps onto the device.

root@Beelzebub:/usr/local/src/blackberry/barry# bjavaloader -h
bjavaloader - Command line USB Blackberry Java Loader
        Copyright 2008-2009, Nicolas VIVIEN.
        Copyright 2005-2010, Net Direct Inc
        Using: Barry library version 0.17 (little endian)

   -a        Wipe applications only
   -i        Wipe filesystem only
   -f        Force erase, if module is in use
   -h        This help
   -s        List sibling in module list
   -p pin    PIN of device to talk with
             If only one device is plugged in, this flag is optional
   -P pass   Simplistic method to specify device password
   -v        Dump protocol data during operation


   dir [-s]
      Lists modules on the handheld

      Provides information on the handheld

   load <.cod file> ...
      Loads modules onto the handheld

   save <module name> ...
      Retrieves modules from the handheld and writes to .cod file
      Note: will overwrite existing files!

   wipe [-a | -i]
      Wipes the handheld
      Use Caution: Wiping filesystem will remove all data
                   such as messages, contacts, etc.
                   Wiping applications will remove all .cod files
                   on the device, including OS .cod files.

      Reset IT policy to factory defaults
      Use Caution: Resetting IT policy to factory defaults will
                   also perform a filesystem wipe which will remove
                   all data such as messages, contacts, etc.

   erase [-f] <module name> ...
      Erase module from handheld

      Retrieves the handheld event log

      Clears the handheld event log

      Dump the stack traces for all threads to the event log

   screenshot <.bmp file>
      Make a screenshot of handheld

   settime [yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS]
      Sets the time on the handheld to the current time
      Or the time specified as an argument to settime
      If given as argument, current system timezone is assumed
to INSTALL new apps using bjavaloader we issue the command " bjavaloader --load file.cod" even tho its not listed in the help for some reason. i imagine it works for jar files too, i dont know tho, im still a newbie to the BB world. im still looking for a good jar/jad>cod converter for *nix


yes we can actually sync up messages and calander using the evolution mail client and the 'osynctool' im not familiar with it yet, and dont use evolution, yet im going to get up on it and see how the syncing functions work on my own, however i hear it works great. sincei dont have a high enough post count to give the url PM me and i can hand it right over. its towards the bottom but gives you the ins and outs of what must be done to get it to sync. once its all installed and setup, its pretty easy to get it to sync.

osynctool --sync BlackBerry
I imagine using a cron job you can automatically do it so long as the device is plugged in at the time the cron goes off.

In closing i think that using this desktop managing suite along with the services of the FAQ stickied above would be the ideal syncing and media/app loading setup for us linux users. I hope this helps some people out! By the way, im loving the forum, and look forward to always stopping in, gaining new info and insight, and helping others with the little knowledge of the subject i harness.

P.S. If someone else is willing to post the URL of the original instructional site let me know, and ill PM it over for review and posting in this thread. There it has the install info, tool walkthrough, and getting everything set up to sync with Evolution mail client.

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